Rooftop tent Landcruiser
4x4 Landcruiser With Rooftop-tent & all camping equipment- US$90 per day

East Africa self-drive road trips adventures are a way of life, Drive East Africa offers you 4×4 Self-drive Rooftop Tent Vehicle, Camping gear, Car Rental with a driver and freedom to design a classic personalized itinerary suited to your specific needs and experience shows that this part of Africa is best visited while traveling at your own pace.

Our fleet consists of 4×4 SUVs Prado Land Cruisers (TX, TZ, VX, GX, V8) some pop-up roofs, we provide 4×4 Toyota Land cruisers with rooftop Tents, Toyota 4×4 Rav4 in all models, Compact cars, Minivans with a minimum of 7 passengers and all these are offered for Cross Country road trips. Choose us for a hassle-free trip across East Africa and beyond.


rav 4

4WD Toyota RAV4 $45 per day

Safari Prado

4x4 Toyota prado TX-$70 per day


4x4 Ext.Landcruiser-$230 per day includes a Driver

safari cruiser

4x4 Safari LandCruiser-US$150 per day


4WD 9pax Safari van-US$90 per day


4x4 Land cruiser-US$ 90 per day

With over 10 years of experience in designing tailor-made itineraries across East Africa and beyond, our knowledgeable and traveled staff delivers what you value most in a holiday vacation: a true understanding of this yet less traveled destination, its Wildlife, cultural history, and its natural beauty is incomparable. Our itineraries tell the many treasures awaiting visitors to East African region– whether a tourist is looking to visit the spectacular Mountain Gorillas, amazing Wild beast migrations, the big five animals, the special chimpanzees and nature walks through the thickest of African forests, experience the three Africa highest speaks; mountain Kilimanjaro, Kenya and Rwenzori respectively also known as the mountains of the moon, Enjoy outdoor adventures, the magnificient White water rafting on the wild Nile river, visit some of the Africa’s remote Cultures and homes in Uganda and Rwanda. We are ready to work with you on a custom itinerary for this great bio-diversity region just to let you enjoy East Africa your way.

The adventure combinations are endless, but here are some of our mostly preferred itineraries to get you inspired. Personalize any of the itineraries based on your individual interests or build your own from our vast product collection highlighted.


4 Days Uganda primate Adventure Safari

East Africa PrimatesLooking for ultimate primate experience? This is the best primate safari in the World. The 4-day tour include; Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking in Uganda along with other primates;

4 Days Big Five Safari & Chimpanzee Adventure

Big five and chimpanzeesThe 4 Days possible big five safaris and Chimp trek brings you to Murchison falls National Park, Uganda’s largest protected area with a stopover at Zziwa Rhino sanctuary. The safari tours rap;

11 Days East/Northern Uganda Adventure

Drive East AfricaThe safari adventure in the pearl of Africa covering the both Eastern and Northern tourist destinations offering the best of the Pearl of Africa rewards. The long adventure circuit starts and ends in;


Spice-of-Uganda-SafariDrive East Africa started in Uganda offering our highly recommended services and expanded to cover the great Lakes region. We mastered the art of handling ground services for our esteemed clients as well…


Canopy walk.Rwanda safariThe trifling state warmed with an endless inflatable landscape that baptized the country a land of a thousand hills. Rwanda was our second country as Drive East Africa expanded its service through the…


Destination-kenya safariMagical Kenya, can we say can’t know what is up-to-the-minute at any point you resolve to stopover. The second-largest east African country, determining your trip in Kenya definitely you’re thinking of…


East Africa Beeste migrationEast Africa’s largest country and the focus for many self-drive travelers in East Africa for a very long time and it remains a truly exciting country to visit during your road trip adventure. Tanzania is the land of…

Gorilla Trekking Adventure

Gorilla..trekking East AfricaThe adventure is receiving more attention where travelers globally yarn for an eye click on the human-like creatures. The mountain gorillas are arguably the most common human closest cousins sharing…

Chimpanzee Tracking Adventure

Chimpanzee-trekking. East AfricaAnother thrilling adventure undertaking within the region of East Africa. Primate tracking is no doubt on your traveling banquet, Uganda is a premier destination for tracking chimpanzees with various…

Wildebeest Migration Adventure

wildebeest-safari.east africaThe most dramatic show of the wild, watching millions of animals crossing the plain of Serengeti in Tanzania and Masai Mara in Kenya. The Great Wildebeest Migration – the annual migration of..

E/A Mountaineering Adventure

virunga-volcanoesThe feel of trekking to Africa’s highest peak the Kilimanjaro, second Africa’s highest peak the mountain Kenya and even the adventurous snow-capped mountain Rwenzori, with a combination…


12 Days Rwanda, Uganda,Tanzania Adventure

East Africa Self-drive12 days’ trip in Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania. It’s one of the best adventures to undertake through different fascinating destinations including Gorilla trekking at the Volcanoes, tree-climbing lions…

15 Days Rwanda,
Uganda & Kenya Adventure

Self-drive east AfricaThe adventure safari starts from Rwanda and tracks the deluxe mountain gorilla of the Volcanoes national park, having a night at lake Bunyonyi Africa’s second deepest lake harboring varieties of bird…

15 Days Kenya,
Tanzania Adventure Safari

Tanzania Self-drive AdventureThe combined discovery of Africa’s real adventure. Self-drive in the two countries strains not fixed package which due to long distance from one to another. On this adventure, safari expects to watch one of…

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