Chimpanzee Tracking East Africa

Uganda Chimpanzee

Chimpanzee TrackingThe pearl of Africa is the east African premier chimpanzee tracking destination and the world at large. Also, the maximum contagious venture in Uganda is thorough for the habituated communities of chimpanzees in their natural settings. Traveling to different tropical forests including Kibale National Park known as the world primate capital housing about 13 primate species, it’s the best Africa’s chimps tracking forest. Budongo forest reserve located at the southern end of Murchison Falls National Park, chimpanzee tracking, and Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Tracking chimpanzees is a competitive adventure where trackers have to book their tracking permits at least three months before the tracking date.

Destination Tracking cost (USD) Habituation Best time to track
Kibale National Park 100 150 All year round
Budonogo Forest Reserve 80 100 All year round
Kyambura Gorge 30 All year round

Rwanda Chimpanzee

After the renowned deluxe gorilla tracking, Rwanda also presents another unforgettable chimpanzee tracking experience. The more eco benefiting Nyungwe Forest in the south of Rwanda is habitant for the chimpanzees as well as several primate species.

Chimpanzee tracking in Tanzania

Chimpanzee TrackingFor those in search of a specialist adventure on the outer wilderness fringes of Tanzania, there is little to compare to the excitement and beauty of this remote, uncluttered park. Mahale is a long way off the beaten path, so it is something an investment, but the area’s sugar-white beaches, the extraordinary forest, and the chimpanzees are well worth the time, effort, and expense. This is an adventure at its most original.

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