Choosing to go on self-drive in East Africa.

+Enjoy finest adventure in the World

The alternative of hiring a car and cruise on your own tunes is choosing to go on self-drive adventure and East Africa is a great and best choice. However, it’s important to note some of the key points to consider when seated behind the wheels of your rental car. Across East African, there are a number of competent and reliable car rental companies at your service. Securing your fitting fleet with recommendations, a 4×4 works better as it can cruise through the muddy and holey roads within the region to do a couple of adventure activities.

The East Africa region retains to be the giant for wildlife safaris across the world with great encounters which include Mountain gorilla trekking, watching the great wildebeest migrations, chimpanzee tracking, the big five animals. other finest wild adventure include white water rafting, mountaineering, the coast beaches and historical Island beaches among others. Well prepared for a self-drive in East African with a 4×4 pop-up roof rental Land Cruiser means to wrap up all what the world would wish to offer for travelers, so, East Africa the best option if you have much to consider before embarking on your special magical journey.

4×4 Land Cruiser hardtop with a Pop-up roof

What to consider when renting a car for self-drive in East Africa?

Before thinking of renting a car, or choosing to go on self-drive in East Africa, there more considerations to meditate about. Except for adventure experiences, hiring a car and cross the Africa’s sun escalating constituency its more tiresome, not pocket considering due to long distances and incidences of border cross. For factual adventurous travelers, choosing to go on self-drive across East Africa borders, is very fitting as it can reward your expectations, but if don’t consider embarrassments and someone would not advice for this, though it would be more substantial if you hire a car with a driver.

Choose the Cheapest option

Rent a car with a roof-top tent, opting to sleep in a tent on rooftop of your rental car saves you many dollars you were to pay for accommodation at the destination lodges. Many lodges provide camp sites for campers and you can choose to cook your favorite dish or eat at the lodge of your camping. This as well can allow you more days on your East African road trip

4×4 Land Cruiser with a roof-top tent



Self-drive in East Africa with a single Tourist visa?

Choosing to go on self drive in East Africa is possible with only three countries including Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. The three countries made it possible and signed a single border-less East African single tourist visa which last for three months. Depending on where your journey starts, to attain this kind of visa and mainly can be obtained through the immigration websites of those countries if done online or can be picked at your arrival at the immigration offices at any airport of the respectively first country of entry.

When traveling with an East Africa single tourist visa you don’t have a chance of crossing beyond borders and return to any of the three countries, but still you possess the opportunity to wander through the countries for over a month. Considering Tanzania to be on your travel itinerary, make an extra charge to procure a Tanzanian Visa at US$50 for a single entry. The three months border-less single tourist visa costs US$100 and enjoy the unlimited cruise of your memorable Road trip Africa.

Reflect about the following when on a self-drive in East Africa

Driving hand

Presenting your necessary documents which allows you on road, in particular, your international driving license at hand whenever seated behind the wheels of your rental car. Setting out to rent a car for self-drive in East Africa, the driving side alternate according to which country you’re driving in. Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania use the left side of driving and Rwanda alone changes to the right hand side. This should be noted whenever you’re driving across borders this East African region to avoid the traffic confusion.

Zebra crossing

Not like the American or Europe where zebra crossing is so acute and serious, while driving in Uganda or any East African country most of the local driver are less concerned about the road signs and when driving in the country it’s advisable you keep a reasonable distance to other vehicles. Zebra crossing however is observed in other east African countries and if caught not respecting the road signs it attracts a fine in Tanzania and Rwanda.

Animal crossing

While seated behind the wheels of your car rental in East Africa especially along the country routes and towns at any time expect to encounter an animal or herds of animals crossing like cows, goats. The upcountry side always cows, goats, dogs and even wild animals are at a time observed crossing roads and if not conscious can result into an accident. When driving in game parks the speed recommended is 40kmh to avoid knocking crossing animals, this should be observed to avoid heavy fines.

Don’t just hire a driver on streets

With all the benefits that come with hiring a car with a driver, Sometimes you may be attracted to hire a driver in your rental car, but its advisable to hire a driver from a recommendable company. It’s ideal to use your car hire service provider getting a driver than just picking a driver on street. Sometimes most of the locals are not trust worthy when dealing with the foreigners. So, to avoid embarrassments, hire an expert driver guide from car Rental Company as an alternative to choosing to go on self drive in East Africa.

Choosing to go on self-drive in East Africa.

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