East Africa Mountaineering Adventure

The feel of trekking to Africa’s highest peak the Kilimanjaro, second Africa’s highest peak the mountain Kenya and even the adventurous snow-capped mountain Rwenzori, with a combination of many other hiking challenges around the region. Mountaineering is one of the East African most rewarding hiking adventures, very challenging and interesting.


Found in northern Tanzania, is the uppermost peak in Africa and the free-standing mountain in the world. Its raised on the 5 895m. Kili, as the mountain is affectionately known to locals, is one of the world’s Seven Summits, a collection of the world’s highest peaks on all seven continents.

Why mountain Kilimanjaro?Mountain Kilimanjaro_Kibo-Summit

Firstly, the mountain is the African highest peak which makes it irresistible for hiking adventures to the summit of its snow-capped peak Uhuru point. Kilimanjaro is located in one of the deprived areas in the world. So, by considering to ascent up the mountain, you are assembling a role to the economy as well as nature conservation efforts by the locals. Mount Kilimanjaro proposes one of the most scenic hikes in the world, rambling up the mountain, it’s an opening to view the beautiful savanna below it. Mountain Kilimanjaro has an amazing climate composed of varying vegetation cover, at the foothills of the mountain, it’s a tropical savanna while the top is covered in snow: it’s like walking from the equator to Antarctica in a week.


How to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Mountain Kilimanjaro has six routes through which you could reach Uhuru Point, the most popular route is Machame and Marangu route known for being a quick, easy and cheap climb. This route offers accommodation for climbers and is accessible during the wet season and takes six days to complete this route. Looking forward to the exciting and challenging climb then should consider the Machame route. Although it has some of the most scenic views, it takes seven days to complete this route. Other challenging routes including Rongai, Lemosho, Umbwe as well as Shira routes are other routes to consider.


Second Africa’s highest mountain peak laying in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, raised at 5199-meter is Mount Kenya. It stands on an extinct volcano and has twin peaks, which are Batain and Nelion which can only be reached by methodological means. Below these two points is the third highest summit, Pt Lenana, which is accessible to hikers.

Why climb Mount KenyaMount Kenya

Next to the highest mountain climbing challenge, a mountain rewarding with a variety of wildlife, as you ascend the slopes, it is easier to spot several animals including hyrax and common duiker, groove-toothed rat, porcupines and predators such as hyenas and leopards. The lower slopes are home to various bird species like rare Afro-alpine moorland and Verreaux eagle also forming part of the mountain’s ecosystem. And the Mount Kenya Wildlife Conservancy offers a home to endangered and orphaned animals at the foothills of the mountain.


How to climb Mount Kenya

Climbing Africa’s second peak each takes a maximum of five days, Smiron is the most popular ascent route on the mountain. You are likely to encounter a stampede on this route. However, beautiful sceneries and wildlife make the inconveniences very stimulating. Burguret route can be considered if looking forward to a less crowded hiking route, the route is also seeming to be more challenge less fancied by ramblers. Hiking through the Burguret route it means enough preparations due to sometimes challenging terrain which rough and muddy at times.


The Rwenzori mountain range stretches in the great Albertine rift valley, on the western border of Uganda between Lake George and Lake Albert. This mountain range has many peaks with the highest being Mount Stanley, the third highest Rwenzori Mountainmountain range in Africa, after Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. At 5 110 metres, Mount Stanley (also known as Mount Ngaliéma), was named after Sir Henry Morton Stanley, the first European to reach its highest peak. There are three highest ranges on mountain Rwenzori and margherita peak the most famous for climbers.


Why Mount Rwenzori

The mountain range still remains a mystery to many climbers. Many routes are unexplored and are still relatively new. Unlocking the mystery around Mount Stanley should be an exciting experience for any climber.

Mount Stanley is located in a high rainfall area and many climbers might be discouraged by this. However, the scenery around the mountain more than compensates for the long drenched climb to Margherita’s Peak. The area is home to flora species such as giant lobelias and Senecio plants. On your ascent to Margherita’s Peak, you might see some mammals.

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