Kampala Capital City Tour

Kampala is the capital city and also the administrative and commercial center of Uganda, it’s 45 km from Entebbe International Airport just an hour drive, located in the central region of Uganda. A city with a number of escapades and lures from fancy restaurants to big hotels, cultural sites, and religious sites.

The heavy traffic is also another thrill mostly in the evening and morning hours, the rainy seasons can be horrific sometimes with flooding channels almost everywhere surrounding the city center. The drama in the taxi parks also contributes a lot to the Kampala Capital City adventures and the Kabaka’s lake where you can do birding.

The Kampala Capital City Cultural Sites

The Buganda Kingdom dominates the cultural sites around the city, like the Kasubi Tombs where the Buganda kings are buried, the Amin torture chambers inside the Kabaka’s palace in Mengo, and the Buganda administrative building of Bulange. The Ndere Cultural Center in Ntinda, this is a hub of all cultural activities like the dances, dishes, crafts, and tales in Uganda, and the Uganda Museum.

The kabaka’s Lake is the biggest manmade lake in East and Central Africa it was dug on orders of the great king (kabaka) Mwanga in 1886 and it’s within the city center, residence to different bird species, for birders it’s a good spot.

The Religious Sites in Kampala City  

Religious sites are divided on different hills, the Catholic church sits on Rubaga hill and the Anglican church is by the side of Namirembe hill well as the Muslims are sited on Old Kampala hill with the biggest Mosque in East Africa. The Bahai temple the only of the kind in Africa. Kibuli the first mosque in Uganda, the mosque offers the opportunity of viewing the face of Kampala City.

The renowned Uganda Martyrs Shrine in Namugongo where Christians go for pilgrimages. Back in the colonial days, it’s the Buganda kingdom during the Kabaka Mutesa1 regime that offered the land to the missionaries where the Christian religious sites sit now, and the Old Kampala hill to the Muslims.

The Night Life in Kampala City

The nights are always trendy with filled up bars, night clubs, cafes, and open beer gardens, be it a weekend or a weekday, the night city walks are so amazing, the streets are also another quest, filled with revelers and a variety of street food like nyama Choma (grilled meat), the renowned Rolex chapati with omelets, and a lot more all through the night.

Accommodation in the city

The city has got the best accommodation facilities ranging from world-class five-star hotels to the lowest backpackers’ class, with restaurants offering Worldwide cuisines like the English, Italian, French, Chinese, and Indian plus a variety of African dishes. Also available are the online snack stores at your convenience.

Kampala capital city safety and security

In the city center security is available with police posts almost everywhere around, though you can’t walk free with expensive variables like digital cameras, expensive jewelry, and cash, street hitmen are common in dark corners where there are no security cameras especially in late nights and early mornings. During the day it’s safe but not guaranteed because teargas can be smelt anytime due to politicians’ strikes.

Kampala Capital City Tour

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