Magical Kenya, can we say can’t know what is up-to-the-minute at any point you resolve to stopover. The second-largest east African country, determining your trip in Kenya definitely you’re thinking of Africa. With the palm-fringed Indian Ocean coastline, the shouting acacia that horizontally stretches in infinity and the country lays in the Great Rift Valley.

The country is multicultural with numbers of local tribes speaking different language united by the mutual national Kiswahili language. The English language is an official language of the country, this stages a vigorous character in its hawkish development, as it eases up the communication for tourists, and makes the country more attractive for foreigners to visit in the tagline “Magical Kenya” which is not just an advertising trick, it is the reality that anyone can experience.

Kenya’s incredible wildlife destinations of Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Samburu, Amboseli, Mt. Kenya and Laikipia are recommended for self-drive holidays with 4×4 Safari Land cruiser.

What to see and do in Kenya

Wildebeest Migration, historical Swahili Indian ocean coastline, wildlife encounters, Mountaineering


14 Days Kenya Adventure Safari

hell's gate 2

The safari circuit that explores all that magical Kenya has to offer. Drive East Africa design the best itinerary on your Self-drive safari trip in Kenya. The trip takes through several savannah parks; MORE DETAILS

11 Days Best Of Kenya Safari


If you got 2 weeks and want to explore the best of Kenya, here is a round circuit trip that leads through the rocking Nairobi city to the ragging savannah syndicates the African best wildlife; MORE DETAILS

7 Days Adventure Kenya Safari


The 7-day safari in Kenya is the best choice for travelers who wish to see more of the Kenyan Safari Circuit within a week and therefore includes some quantity of road travel. If wishing to go by; MORE DETAILS

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