Nyero rock painting

Of the many ancient rock-art sites scattered around eastern Uganda, Nyero rock is one of the easiest to reach, and one of the few that’s worth the effort to do so. The main site, known as Nyero 2, is a big white wall covered in groups of red circles, boats, and some vaguely human and animal forms. Archaeologists have yet to unravel the significance of the designs, who painted them and even when they did so. If the caretaker is around, he’ll charge for an informative tour; otherwise, local kids will show you around. Nyero 1, with a few more circles, lies just below the main site, while Nyero 3, where you probably won’t notice the modest painting unless someone shows you, is a few hundred meters north. The surrounding countryside is littered with boulder-covered peaks and cacti, giving it a wild west feel.

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