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Pop Up roof Rentals, Car rental with Pop up Roof East Africa

wildebeest-safari.east africaPop Up Roof Rentals: Looking for a 4×4 car rental with a pop up roof in East Africa? Explore Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania Savannah National parks in a 4×4 Land cruiser or a Safari van with pop up roof.

A land cruiser or safari van with a pop up roof is a perfect way to travel around the East African highland roads and Savannah for exclusive game viewing and photography.

We at Drive East Africa are proud to hire out our Toyota Land cruisers & safari vans with pop-up roof to our self-drive or driver guided adventure safari clients to enjoy excellent game drives.

Our car rentals with pop up roofs are all on 4×4 vehicles giving our customers the freedom to explore all that East Africa has to offer.

All our cars are comfortable, reliable and strong enough to navigate through all kinds of roads, so you can enjoy the untouched nature in East Africa.

Our 4×4 rentals with pop up roof for hire in East Africa include; Land cruiser LX 70 series, land cruiser GX, Land cruiser TX/TZ, Land Cruiser VX, Safari vans or mini vans.

Why rent a car with a pop up roof from Drive East Africa Rental?

East Africa has quite a number of ways to be explored, but one of the very best ways to see the breathtaking, varied landscape is to rent a car with a pop up roof right away upon arrival for any game drive in the parks.

Drive east Africa’s Pop up roof Car package provides you with a reliable and comfortable transportation to reach some of the most beautiful spots in the Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Our Pop up 4×4 cars include everything you need to start your self drive holiday adventure. When you rent one of our 4×4 vehicles with pop up roof, you are getting the best rental deal available here in East Africa.

With Drive East Africa Car rental with pop up roof, you can explore and tour all day knowing, with the knowledge that your safari/holiday is truly on your own time schedule.

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