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As many dream of a typical African safari others are accustomed to African adventure holiday every summer. While many are still contemplating on how much they should save for a worthwhile African adventure holiday others have chosen to go road tripping in Africa. Lots of travelers that have chosen road trip as a choice of adventure style have discovered that it is the most efficient and cost effective way to explore Africa. Africa generally has a relatively good road network and exploring with a 4×4 land cruiser is the best way to overcome poor road sections.

The best way to explore Africa by road is choosing to hire a 4×4 Land Cruiser with a roof-top tent fully equipped with all camping gear, much as one can choose a lower budget 4wd Toyota Rav4 that can as well come with all camping gear with a ground tent. This new popular style of adventure gives you freedom to effectively and totally adventure this diverse region on your own pace, Drive East Africa limited is one of the few car rental companies in East Africa that rent out excellent 4×4 Land Cruisers with roof-top tent to Africa adventurers.

Africa road trips are a classic and East Africa in particular is heaven for adventure lovers as well as holiday vacationists. The region is uniquely endowed with lots of tourist attractions and activities. The region is popular for traditional safaris especially in Kenya and Tanzania, Highest Mountain peaks in Africa, the rare mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda, big rivers that support wild water adventures like rafting and tubing, of course thick ancient forests that support a number of primate species and huge savannah grasslands not only for beautiful sceneries but support incredible rare wildlife species including birds. Here we have compiled for you some of the top thrilling adventures you can enjoy on your east Africa road trip.

Wilde beest Migrationsroad trip africa

One of the Africa adventure wonders are the amazing great wild beast migration season in Kenya and Tanzania respectively. This is regarded by many as an incredible top wildlife encounters in the world, multitudes of wild beasts, zebras, gazelles, Impalas and Elands are seasonally seen crossing the river to look for pastures across in the eco-system of Masai Mara and Serengeti National parks in Kenya and Tanzania respectively, this gives chance to predators like lions to easily kill their favorites prey. These legendary safari parks are home to the lots of wildlife including the big five animals

Gorilla trekking Experience and other primates

Regarded as Africa’s highlight, gorilla trekking is only done in three countries in the world that’s Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo (DR. Congo). Bwindi Impenetrable National park and Virunga massif a straddle that is made up of Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, Mgahinga gorilla national park in Uganda and Virunga national park in DR. Congo are the only home to the world’s most endangered species – the mountain gorillas. To trek the rare mountain gorillas involves walking between 1-8 hours through the incredible impenetrable ancient rain forest looking for the few remaining gentle giants. The walk can be odious due to muddy steep slopes, river crossings but once you meet and see eye to eye with the shire size silverback the fatigue and challenged are all forgotten. Trekkers are allowed one hour with the gorilla family taking pictures and video clips once you find them

Prices for gorilla trekking permit differ from one country to another probably due to slight advantage over the other though gorilla trekking adventure more less the same in all three countries though more adventure travelers choose trek in Bwindi Impenetrable National park to have a real feel of adventure. Read about our take on Uganda Vs Rwanda gorilla trekking experience.

Kibale National Park is one of the ancient rainforests that have stood a test of time, traced from the ancient central African rain forests. The forest is regarded as Africa’s primate capital with 13 different primate species. This Kibale forest is the best place in Africa where you can track chimpanzees in their natural habitat, apart from Chimps there primates like Black and White colobus monkey, Red colobus, Red tailed monkey, Velvet Monkey, Bush babies among others. Nyungwe forest National Park in Rwanda is another forest in the region rich with variety of primates


Taste of thrilling water adventuresroad trip africa

To many, East Africa is Africa’s adventure capital, with plenty of water bodies in the region like sea size Lake Victoria, The River Nile arguably the longest river in the world. The Nile is the center for thrilling water adventures like up to grade5 white water rafting, kayaking, Bungee jumping, white water tubing, wildlife viewing boat cruise among many. The boat cruise along Victoria Nile in Murchison falls National park does not only give you the beautiful views of the world’s most powerful water fall from the base but the section is believed to be the largest of hippo pool population in Africa, there are more splendid wildlife views of the giant Nile Crocodile, Elephants and many colorful bird species along the stretch.

In Western Uganda your Road trip Africa takes you to an adventure island on Lake Bunyonyi where there quite a number of adventures but the most thrilling is the zip lining where you fly above the waters of Uganda’s deepest, Africa second deepest and world’s third deepest lake.

Big five Animal Adventures

East Africa in known for traditional African safaris and chances of big five encounter are more than any other region in Africa. When we talk of Big five we refer to animals that are hard to hunt for example the Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino, Leopard and Lion. Your road trip Africa can take you to the remote Kidepo Valley National park also called Africa’s true wilderness north of Uganda to allow you see the largest buffalo herds in Africa, over 2000 individuals can be seen in a single herd, this is not seen elsewhere. Serengeti and Masai Mara National parks are not only known for the most phenomenal natural spectacles – The great wild beast migrations but one of the best African wildlife park where you have excellent chances of big five encounter.

Queen Elizabeth national park in western Uganda is known for its trade mark of the rare encounters of Tree climbing lions, this rarest of opportunities happens in Ishasha sector, south of the Park. A Pride of lions can be seen roaming in branches of a huge fig tree the entire day. The exact reason why lions in this part of the world climb trees is yet to be known but some believe they climb to spot well their prey while others say they just want escape from the hot ground so they climb to experience cool breezes. Murchison falls national park is another park with a chance of big five Animals.


Spectacular Mountain Hiking/Climbing

Three of Africa’s most popular trekking regions, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya and the peaks of Uganda’s Rwenzori National Park with margarita peak at 5109 metres high. Rwenzori mountain range also called “Mountains of the moon” is now a world heritage site and Africa’s top hiking destination, holding three of the continent’s five highest peaks. The summits are spectacular, the routes are uncrowded and the high-altitude forest teems with life.

Mountain Rwenzori is the most challenging of the three and contains six of Africa’s 10 highest mountains, most of them higher than the tallest Alps. Yet to most bucket-list hikers they are largely unknown, overshadowed by Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, Africa’s two highest mountains.

Other mountains to explore on your road trip Africa are Mount Elgon on a straddle of Uganda Kenya with trails to Waggai peak starting from both Countries, gazetted as a National Park in Uganda means trekkers have a chance to encounter wildlife like elephants, antelopes, chameleon and lots of birds. The Virunga Mountains on the border between Rwanda, Uganda and DR. Congo offer one to two days hike to peaks of Sabinyo, Gahinga, Karisimbi and the unique Nyiragongo with active crater.


Beautiful Waterfalls

With lots of water bodies for example the Nile River arguably the longest river in the world has its source in Uganda, on a sea size Lake Victoria. The river on its way into the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt forms beautiful sections of water falls including the world’s most powerful water fall – Murchison fall, Itanda falls in Jinja. Sezibwa River is another with beautiful sezibwa falls. Water falls like Murchison falls offer hiking services where one can hike from the bottom of the falls to the top. This is a unique experience which more less a nature walk which was first used by Sir Samuel Baker on his trace for the source of the river Nile. Sipi falls is another remarkable water fall with the river finding its source from the peaks of Mountain Elgon form three different sections of waterfalls the biggest being as high as 100 meters. Activities like abseiling, rock climbing can be easily done to leave you with multitude of memories during your road trip Africa experience.

Amazing cultural emersions

The Masai people of Kenya and Tanzania for the most popular because of their unique culture, their way of dressing, communities in which they live called “Manyata”, what interests more along with the Karamajong of northern Uganda is their belief that all cows in the world belong to them and they raid different communities and tribes with guns and take all cattle by force. In Uganda the karamajong – masai brothers, were voluntarily disarmed and now tourists can take a road trip to their communities and share stories from the wise, enjoy their dance performances, take photos with them and buy some of their unique crafts as well.

Road trip Africa takes to the Batwa Pygmy tribe of Rwanda and Uganda, this is a marginalized tribe which is on verge of extinction. The batwa previously lived and depended all their life in the gorilla forests for shelter, food and medicine but they were displaced by respective governments from the forest in a bid to protect the critically endangered mountain gorillas and their habitat. They found life difficult in the new communities they were placed since they couldn’t adopt to new life style like cultivation and being denied access to their traditional herbs in the forest so, many died in the process. A road trip to visit one of their communities is really hope to them, as they will dance, demonstrate hunting skill, make fire and sell to you some of their unique artistic crafts.


Beautiful sand beaches

The East African Coast borders with the Indian Ocean and provide one of the beautiful sand beaches on the African continent in Mombasa and Dar as Salam. Zanzibar beaches on the other hand are Africa’s finest in addition to Ssese Island beaches in the middle of sea size Lake Victoria. The sand beaches provide one of the earth’s most romantic sunsets on top of the endless views of the landscapes.road trip africa

These splendid beaches provide relaxation to tourists and other road trippers after African adventure safaris, mountain hikes and Gorilla trekking trips in the region. Honey moon vacationists are other holiday makers that do explore these East African beaches


East Africa offers a complete road trip for both adventure travelers and holiday vacationists, From Africa’s adventure highlight, Gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda, spectacular Wild beast migration, hikes to three highest mountain peaks in Africa, splendid savannah grasslands home to the big five animals to the beautiful and colorful sand beaches this makes the region like no other. For a complete road trip Africa adventure experience, drop your vehicle inquiry to Drive East Africa limited for a 4×4 fleet of Vehicles including a 4×4 land cruiser with a roof-top tent to truly realize your road trip Africa dream, adventure the region your own style.


Road trip Africa

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