Ruboni Community Camp is situated at the gateway to Rwenzori Mountains National Park where you can experience stunning views of the mountains and witness the extraordinary wildlife unique to this region. You will be warmly welcomed by the Bakonzo community which has inhabited the foothills of the “Mountains of the Moon” for over 300 years. The Rwenzoris were inscribed as a World Heritage Site in 1995, with tourism becoming a prime source of revenue that has helped the Bakonzo tribe improve living standards through reinvestments in the community.

Stretching along the Congo border, the spectacular Rwenzoris are the third highest mountains in Africa, but one of the most difficult to climb. This location makes the camp an ideal destination for mountaineers who are preparing for their ascent into the Rwenzoris, yet it is also an ideal place to relax and enjoy the stunning and anomalous scenery of snow-capped mountains at zero latitudes. Ruboni Community Camp allows you to experience the nature and culture of the Rwenzoris as part of your lowland trips without ever having to climb the mountains.


                                                                         FOREST WALK

From the camp, your guide will lead you into the mountains, where you can explore the lush forest surrounding the mountains. Throughout the walk, you will be engulfed in the rainforest, cross glacial rivers and learn more about the wildlife within the community. If you are lucky, you may even come across the elusive three-horned chameleon, which can only be found at altitudes of over 3,000 meters!



  • Take beautiful photos from the look-out point for fantastic views of the mountains.
  • Learn about the different medicinal uses of the local flora.
  • Try your skills at spotting colorful East African boards.

                Duration: 2-3 hours.


                                                     COMPLEMENTARY PRODUCTS

Discover Ruboni on the village walk, and see how the Bakonzo tends to their animals and crops, and prepare meals. Visit the blacksmith, traditional healer, basket weavers, and storyteller. Don’t miss a visit to the blacksmith where you can buy and take home your own traditional knives and spears.

Also try out the Ruboni Hill Walk, which takes you to a stunning viewpoint to see Margherita Peak, the highest point on the Rwenzori ranges where pre-arranged camping is permitted.

Ruboni also has drumming workshops, dance performances, and crafts for sale, all in support of the local community.



Stay at Ruboni Community Camp’s accommodation and enjoy delicious meals at its restaurant, a favorite among both international tourists and locals. A quiet place close to nature located between the mountains with great views. The stay gives you a good opportunity to relax and meet with the community during the tours or in the villages, participating in the local community life.

Ruboni Community Camp has 4 twin rooms with shared bathrooms and 2 larger self-contained twin cottages. Guests can also camp on-site, by pitching their own tents or hiring one from Ruboni by calling in advance.

The camp has hot running water from overhead showers, flush toilets, as well as eco-san toilets in the cottages. Each bed is fitted with a mosquito net, and rooms are lit with solar-powered lighting.

Enjoy the tranquil sounds of bubbling streams and views of the Rwenzori’s daunting Portal Peaks from your room or the restaurant’s cozy verandah. Order the pan-fried tilapia with a side of chapatti and guacamole, sit back and enjoy the cool mountain air.

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