Self-Drive Uganda-Car Hire Uganda

Self-Drive Uganda-Hire a Car Uganda, Roof-Top Tent, Camping Gear

Rooftop self-drive

Planning for an adventurous self-drive Uganda? Drive East Africa is very ready to help you arrange your amazing road trip, with 4×4 self-drive vehicles, rooftop tents, and all camping gear. With a fleet of vehicles to select from, like Toyota Rav4, Toyota Landcruiser with a rooftop tent, 4×4 safari Landcruiser, Minibusses for family or group safaris and 4×4 Minivans. Expect an adventure into some of the most remote destinations driving through rough terrain and sometimes harsh weather conditions, steep and muddy slopes and that’s why you need a 4×4 vehicle that can handle all this.

Over the years, Safari Land cruisers and vans with pop-up roofs have been the most popular vehicles used for safari tours but over time more have emerged including simple SUVs and mini buses giving tourists a wide range of options to choose from.

A Self-drive through the pearl – Uganda

With Uganda being the richest in terms of biodiversity among East African countries, a number of attractions are recommended to take on. Spend at least ten or more days self-drive safari to take on amazing adventures like Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee Tracking, Big Five Safari, Mountaineering, encounter the most powerful waterfall in Uganda, white water rafting on the Nile, arguably the longest river in the world, Cultural Trails, Beach Holidays and many more to enjoy adventures of a lifetime.

Camping gear for a self-drive camping safari

Looking for a memorable camping safari in Africa? Drive East Africa is the leading tour agency in East Africa offering first-class camping equipment for your dream holiday. Be it a self-drive camping safari or camping with a driver, rooftop tent vehicle hire, we are a real deal.  We also help you with itinerary designing to meet your safari expectations. Our camping equipment includes Safari Tent, Gas cylinder, matchbox, BBQ, Cooler box, a table, A pair of seats, Knife, Source pan, mattress, sleeping bag, cutlery among others.

Enjoy the unlimited mileage

Most car rental companies in the world hire cars while considering the mileage factor but, Drive East Africa rather offers self-drive car rental with unlimited mileage and on a 24-hour basis to traverse Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania. This will give you the freedom to maximize on-road trip activity expectations as well as adventuring your own style. Imagine from wild beast migrations of Kenya and Tanzania to Mount Gorilla trekking of Uganda and Rwanda. High mountains, Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya to the Mountains of the moon, the Rwenzori mountains all at your own pace.  This will definitely excite you and give moments of a lifetime.

Insurance Cover for your Self-drive trip in Uganda

If you are planning a self-drive road trip in Uganda, please arrive with your own life insurance cover obtained from your home country as most car rental agencies in Uganda only offer comprehensive insurance that covers their vehicles and third party but not their client. Please read carefully the car rental agency’s terms of the contract before you sign to take the vehicle.

Self-Drive Uganda-Car Hire Uganda

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