Why should rent a car with a driver East Africa?

Renting a car for various purpose is very popular in East Africa

Car rental services hyper on travel trends, where some prefer to rent a self drive car, here is why you should rent a car with a driver and cruise like boss in East Africa. Driving East Africa in the course of car rental also has surfaced with great offers to travelers preferring the service across the region. The integration course in east Africa has made it easy for one to cross borders with a single tourist visa.

There countless number of car hire companies which are reliable, with experience in car renting for either travelers who wish to go for a self-drive or rent a car with a driver. There are plenty of fleets available for the convenient selection by travelers, these range from 4×4 station wagons, saloon cars, minibuses and coaster vans and for convenient drive around the region the 4×4 Safari Land Cruiser.

It’s idyllic to rent car with a driver, wander around the east African countries seated comfortably and its possible to rent a car with a driver. We discuss for you reasons why it’s so sounding to have your car with a driver.

Expert Safari Driver-Guide in East Africa

What is needed to rent a car with a driver?

Renting a car with a driver requires just an extra dollars on your car rental rates, the extra driver rates differ in which country you have rented the chauffeur from. Expert drivers who are knowledgeable about the region to hire them can cost about USD 50 TO 70$ per day and seat to wander around as the boss.

Why rent a car with a driver?


Making an extra charge of USD 50 to rent a car with a driver in your car rental, this in most cases guarantee a perfect cruise. Drivers available for hire are always equipped with the necessary guiding knowledge for the region making it easier to cruise to your preferred destination. Considering renting your 4×4 safari land cruiser with a driver for your dream safari is more economical than using a company to overall travel services which is likely to exhaust your pocket.

Pick up and returning of the Vehicle

Car rental delivery becomes solved if opted to hire a car with the driver, meaning your one way car rental is made easy as one can receive the car rental from any place and drop it at any point. For instance one can receive the vehicle in Mombasa and drop off in Kampala where the driver does the rest of the necessities. This reduces on the deferments which may occur if you take a car for self-drive.

Reduces time wastage

Hired expert drivers don’t even need to spend time following guide books, guide maps, or even GPS as they are conversant about the routes, Adventure attraction and even tourist destination in the region. As you’re seated in your fleet, expert drivers don’t need to look through angles to find the right ways of driving.


Renting a car with a driver, means traveling in a bossy style and having relaxed with limited stress. Renting a car with a driver would be a better recommendation for longer journeys, this reduces worries in time of faults, let’s say changing a tire or fixing mechanical challenge with your hired car.

Exceptional Circumstances

For those who love camping, can rent a roof top tent Land cruiser vehicle with a driver. this does not mean you’ll be sharing a roof top tent car rather the driver will come with his or her ground tent. Most lodges in East Africa provide little priced camping ground at their facilities so everyone is safe.

Why should rent a car with a driver East Africa?

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